Excellent paper of the IMMC11 will be published in the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms (IJMM). Please send the full paper to secretary@immc11.com according to journal format of the IJMM before August 15, 2022 if the IMMC11 secretary informs you of your abstract acceptance.


① Biodiversity of medicinal mushrooms (conservation, taxonomy and ecological distribution);
② Genetics and breeding of medicinal mushrooms (including molecular biology);
③ New trends in the cultivation, industrial production and fermentation of medicinal mushrooms
④ Biochemistry and pharmacology of medicinal mushrooms active compounds;
⑤ Medicinal mushrooms in veterinary and agriculture;
⑥ Medicinal mushrooms in clinical practice; antiviral and antimicrobial compounds;
⑦ Nutritional and medicinal value of mushroom products;
⑧ Industrialization of medicinal mushrooms products (including management, marketing, laws and regulations, standardization, ecotourism and mushroom hunting);
⑨ Psychedelic Mushrooms: Research opportunities and a future for Psilocybe in medicine


We would be pleased to receive abstracts from interested authors that follow the symposia themes. Abstracts should focus on current issues, relevant ongoing research and/or progress made in culinary-medicinal mushroom industry and should present scientific and/or of technical content.

Your abstracts should clearly define the objectives of the presentation or the topics covered, key conclusions reached, and potential benefits for scientific development and progress made in the industry. Abstracts length should not exceed 500 words and not have less than 300 words.

The abstracts will be published in the electronic book of abstracts.

The electronic version must be prepared in Microsoft Word and in required abstract format and should be submitted online before 31th July 2022.

Information on acceptance or rejection of abstracts  will be sent out via email.

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